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Deepwater is a small country town located 40 kilometres north of Glen Innes on the Northern Tablelands,

it has a population of approximately just over 300 residents.

We have a combined interface of rural properties and a small business area, with a very large area to cover.


We have two trucks in our fire station, one is a cat 1 4x4 dual purpose tanker,

while the other is a cat 7 bush fire tanker, see vehicles page


Unfortunately the history of the brigade has been lost over the years, but the old

Ten Mile brigade was amalgamated with Deepwater some years ago


Most members are local but we won't knock a person back on where they live


We have regular training on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and we gladly participate in a lot of local events from the local public school to the scarecrow festival


We have two life members, the first for our brigade

Brian Barratt and Allan Skinner


We have several members that received their long service medals in 2010

(photo from Glen Innes Examiner)


Allan Skinner 50 years

Brian Barratt 40 Years

Ian Lockwood 30 years

Duncan Giles 20 years

Fredrick Alletsee 20 years

Ricky Davey 10 years

Jason Jarrett 10 years

Neil Jarrett 10 years

Jock Cuninghame 10 years

Colin Jarrett 10 years

Alistair McIntosh 10 years

Andrew Cook 10 years

John Bastardi 10 years

Keith Cuninghame 10 years

John Curr 10 years

Mark Curr 10 years

Paul Henderson 10 years


















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