Want to Join ?

If you would like to join the Brigade,

we would be delighted to welcome you at the Brigade Station in Young Street, Deepwater,

for you to meet some of us and see what we do.

We have the following routine scheduled activities which you are invited to attend
Training on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month commencing at 2.00pm.
Meetings are held every 2 months. Our next meeting is 23 October 2011 at 2.00pm.

The Brigade can be involved in a wide range of activities.

Here is a list of some of those in which we have participated over the years.

  • Fire fighting (what else? well see below)

  • Hazard Reduction preparation. (Cutting and marking trails)

  • Hazard Reductions. (Burning off high fuelled areas)

  • Assistance at house fires and vehicle accidents

  • General assistance to householders following major incidents such as storm or hail damage

  • Out of area travel to other parts of the state to assist other Brigades in emergencies.

  • Maintenance and repair of Brigade equipment and vehicles.

  • Design, construction and development of specialist equipment for the Brigade

  • General maintenance around the Brigade buildings and grounds.

  • Fund raising in various ways

  • Community Activities such as Public Awareness displays, school displays, local community education


If you join the Brigade, we would expect you to accept the following responsibilities

  • To undergo training to a minimum of Basic Proficiency level

  • To attend Brigade training and participate in the activities

  • To be available for emergency turn-out and to respond in a timely manner if called upon.

  • To attend emergency activities as back-up crew and / or assistance for both our and other Brigades.

  • To follow the directions of Brigade Officers and to obey their instructions when in an Operational situation

  • To attend other training for specialist tasks depending upon your interest and competence

  • To attend hazard reduction (which present excellent training)

  • To attend and participate in Brigade meetings so that you are familiar with the Brigade operation and to contribute your ideas and experience to the Brigade's advantage

  • To assist in the maintenance and repair of Brigade equipment and vehicles and the Brigade Station and grounds.

  • To assist the Brigade in its administration, fund raising and social activities to promote the Brigade's objectives.

And no, you are not expected to do every one of all of these. Whatever time you can find for the Brigade will be appreciated and any activity in which

you involve yourself will be to the Brigade's advantage. You are however expected to follow Brigade Officers' direction at any time that you are

on Brigade property, Brigade vehicles or Brigade business. It is to the benefit of the Brigade's image that we present a professional image at all times.


When you join the Brigade you will be asked to complete an application form.

You may download the form below.


Ordinary Members Form

Junior Members Form


You will need to show identification to make 100 points.

eg: Drivers licence, Birth Certificate, Bank cards, Medicare card, Pension card etc.






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